Team AQ Announces a New Website and Social Media Platform

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Team AQ is proud to introduce our new website.  We are particularly excited to provide ongoing access to our published articles, blog and video blog in the AQ Speaks section as well as articles and events that have piqued our interest or created discussion within our Team or our community in the Headlines and Events section.  The AQ philosophy of collaboration, education and advocacy has long been a cornerstone of our communication style and this new foray into social media provides a medium for our Team to share the lessons we are continuously learning and the information we collect with all of you.  We have long believed that our best learning comes from the individuals and organizations that we engage with and we encourage and would appreciate any commentary or suggestions for content from those of you who feel inclined.  The very best outcome for our Team from the content we publish would be to create a conversation about issues and innovations in benefits and group retirement, health and community.