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Healthcare Consumerism

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Every article I read regarding provincial drug reform leaves me with the same question: are we hanging our hat on the hope that this is the answer to drug plan sustainability?  With changes to drug plan management not keeping pace with changes to the pharmaceutical landscape, traditional cost management tools eroded by inflation and becoming less effective with every annual increase to health care premiums, employers are scrambling for solutions to the increasing cost of providing a comprehensive health care benefit.   It doesn’t appear that the proposed reforms are going to be the answer.  Until plan sponsors, advisors, administrators, claims processors, pharmacy providers, government and the drug manufacturers all step out of their polarized positions and work together to resolve the issue of drug plan sustainability, there is no imminent solution.  This leaves plan sponsors “holding the bag” and the bag is getting very heavy.

Arthritis Society Volunteer Expedition

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In August 2010, I signed up for a fund raising event that would become a huge part of my daily activity for a year, and change my life forever.  The objective was to complete a 43 km trek across the Inca Trail in Peru, which would lead our team to the lost city of Machu Picchu.  Upon signing up for this adventure, I committed to raising $7,600 for the Arthritis Society Manitoba/Nunavut Division and dedicated the trek to my hero, my Baba.  Arthritis affects so many people and after a lifetime of watching my Baba struggle with symptoms, I was thrilled for the opportunity to participate in this amazing adventure that would ultimately raise money for research towards a cure.