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The Case for Canada Healthcare Reform

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In 2014, the current federal-provincial Health Accord expires.  The Accord, agreed upon by the First Ministers in 2003, set targets for structural changes for access, quality and sustainability, and put in place increases to federal cash transfers to fund the system.  The following year, the First Ministers announced further reforms in ‘A 10-Year Plan to Strengthen Health Care”.  This Plan targeted key areas for system reform; among them, wait times, aboriginal health, medical equipment, prevention, promotion and public health, primary health care and a National Pharmaceutical Strategy.  As you would expect, with renewal of the Accord looming, there has been a lot of discussion about where we are, where we’re going, and what needs to change.  A comprehensive review has been promised by government, and Senate Social Affairs committee hearings are underway.  The Harper government has already committed to continue Canada Health transfers at a rate of $30 Billion annually, with an “escalator” of 6% per year until 2017, and a slightly lesser “escalator” from 2018 onward.