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Website for the Small Business Owner and Entrepreneurs

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The biggest challenge for most business owners is time management – the art of continuously meeting deadlines without jeopardizing quality of output. The reality is that over time one ends up jeopardizing quality due to lack of readily available resources in a fast paced environment. Believe it or not the government has a solution – a specialized resource tool kit specifically for the business owner. When it comes to helpful web sites most people don’t automatically think of government web sites as a top choice. However, a quick look at the Canada Business web site may help change your mind.

Disability Management – Advantages of Early Intervention

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As an employer, manager or HR representative, it is often tempting to give an employee as much space as they need when they are off work for an injury or illness.  They need time to recover before returning to work, right?

Statistics show that the length of a person’s workplace absence due to illness or injury increases the longer they are off.  For example, the chance a disability will continue for at least 5 more years when the disability has already continued for one year is 38.5%, for someone age 32, and it increases to 49.2% when the disability has already continued for two years.