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Aligning corporate culture to benefits strategy

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Employers look to their employee benefits plans as a means to many ends. However, the structure and content of a benefits plan can also be designed to reflect an organization’s corporate culture.

To read more on this topic, please visit Kim Siddall’s latest Benefits Canada article here.

AQ Speaks HR – Harassment in the Workplace

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Harassment – Ten Easy Steps to Prevention

A recent Free Press article headline came as an unpleasant shock to many readers. The startling headline read, “Hike in sexual harassment cases concerns rights agency”. The news article quoted Yvonne Peters, Human Rights Commission Acting Chairwoman when she stated, “…despite our 25 years or so of raising awareness, harassment continues to be an issue.”

What is harassment? Why is it occurring in workplaces? What steps must employers take to address harassment?

Harassment Defined

AQ Speaks HR – The Pain of Performance Review Season

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In many work places, managers and employees dread “Performance Review” season, like parents with school aged children dread cold and flu season! For several work places, December and January are common months when annual employee performance reviews must be completed.

Why it is that managers and employees both dread this important activity? What goes wrong? What can managers and employees do to make this activity less stressful and more effective?

Why Managers and Employees Dread Performance Reviews

A misunderstood process