Mental Health for All

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Today is World Mental Health Day created by the World Health Organization (WHO) to raise public awareness of mental health issues.  It is also Mental Illness Awareness week in Manitoba from October 6th to 12th.  In today’s busy world, managing the many aspects of your life can be a challenge.  It is easy for the scales to tip too far in one direction for a time, and for you to feel out of balance.  Feeling out of balance for too long can negatively impact your emotional well-being. Here are some tips from the Canadian Mental Health Association for improving your mental fitness and your emotional health:

Treat yourself well

Cook yourself a nice meal.  See a movie.  Call a friend or relative you haven’t talked to in ages.  Sit on a park bench and listen to the birds.  Whatever it is, do something that makes you happy, and do it just for you.

Do one thing at a time

Turn off your cell phone.  Stop making mental “to do” lists.  Focus on the one thing or person in front of you right now.


Regular physical activity is proven to improve psychological well-being and reduce feelings of anxiety and depression.  Exercising with a friend can help keep you motivated.

Set personal goals

They don’t have to be big or ambitious, but reaching your goals will build confidence and give you a sense of satisfaction.


Helping others helps you feel good about yourself, while widening your social network and giving you new learning experiences.

Meditation or Mindfulness Practice

Practicing mindfulness or meditation helps develop the skill of paying attention to our inner and outer experiences with acceptance, patience, and compassion.

Ask for help

Learning to say no is a very important skill for mental health, as is asking for help.  Whether it’s asking for help with a challenging task or project that you are struggling with, or talking to family or friends or a mental health professional, asking for help makes good sense.