The AQuity 360 Blog Series – Part 1: Benefits as a Strategic Tool

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AQ Group Solutions is proud to present The AQuity 360 Blog Series as part of The AQuity 360 Program, helping you to avoid The Reactive Decision Trap. Read this series to see how your organization can build a human capital strategy that proactively aligns with your business strategy and goals.

Part 1: Are You Using Your Benefits Plan as a Strategic Tool to Achieve Your Business Goals?

Your benefits plan can be structured to strategically align with your corporate objectives and support your business goals year after year.  Often organizations do not obtain or examine all of the relevant data associated with their benefits and human capital management.  As a result, they make decisions based on limited data and analysis.  We call this The Reactive Decision Trap™.

The Reactive Decision Trap™ keeps your organization from achieving its business goals and results in:

  • Reduced productivity due to unhealthy employees whose health needs are not proactively managed.
  • Employees that are not engaged and feel underappreciated.
  • Spending more money on your benefits than is required.
  • Your benefits costs running away on you.
  •  Spending unnecessary time and effort continually recruiting and training new staff due to high turnover.
  • Benefits issues arising that act as distractions from more important strategic initiatives.
  • Making decisions based on limited information due to not digging deep enough into your company’s data.

By digging deeper into your organization’s data, you save money on your benefits plan and get a clear 360 degree view of your situation, thereby avoiding The Reactive Decision Trap™.

Ask yourself this question: what objectives could your company achieve if your employees were in optimum health, you were attracting and retaining more great people, and you were saving money on the overall cost of your benefits plan?  Would you have a greater ability to achieve your corporate objectives? Would you be more likely to hit corporate targets with healthy, highly engaged employees?

At AQ Group Solutions we believe that every successful organization requires a human capital strategy that proactively aligns with their business strategy and goals.  We created The AQuity 360 Program™ to help you avoid The Reactive Decision Trap™, save time and make more money, attract and retain more great people, and achieve your business goals.

Your business decisions require strategic planning and precision alignment to your overall objectives. Why should your benefits be any different?  Call us to find out how you can strategically align your benefits to your corporate and financial objectives.