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What employers need to know about rheumatoid arthritis

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As rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a leading cause of disability and can be a significant claims cost driver, it’s important to understand how RA impacts those who have been diagnosed with it and what employers can do.

To read more on this topic, please visit Kim Siddall’s latest Benefits Canada article here.

Keeping your Kidneys Healthy

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March is Kidney Health Month, promoted by the Kidney Foundation of Canada (

Kidneys are vital body organs located below the ribs on either side of your spine.  Kidneys have three important functions:

  • They remove excess water from the body, or retain water if your body needs more.  They also regulate the levels of minerals your body needs to function properly, like sodium and potassium.

  • Kidneys act as a filter, cleaning the blood and removing waste from the body through the production of urine.