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Health and Wellness Program Planning Pitfalls

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The trend of increased Health and Wellness programing for both small and large organizations is continuing to grow.  We have more and more clients looking to us for assistance in providing Health and Wellness related content and programing to their employee groups.  There are a number of things an organization should think about prior to implementing their Health and Wellness plan in order to avoid some common pitfalls.

Potential Pitfalls to address in planning:

The Construction Industry – Building Blocks for a Group Benefits Program

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It takes a team of specialists, architects, engineers and laborers to build a new home, office building or bridge. To effectively design and manage a Group Benefits program, a high level of expertise is also required. Choosing the right consultant to build a plan that provides the flexibility required by your industry and that is aligned to your company’s corporate and financial objectives and unique needs is essential to the long term success and sustainability of your plan.

The following are important considerations in developing a strategic plan for the construction industry: