Leaving the Country? Your Passport is not the only thing you need!

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Is your medical condition stable enough to be covered by your group insurance “Out of Country” benefit?

While many group insurance companies do not have a pre-existing condition clause, they do require you to be medically stable when you travel out of the country.  This benefit is designed for emergency situations or accidental injuries that occur while away and not intended to include treatment for conditions you already have.

Beneficiaries, be careful who benefits.

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When choosing a beneficiary for your Group Benefit plan, thought must be given to ensuring  you have chosen who you really want to receive the proceeds of your group life policy in the event of your death.

Susan, young and single, appoints her mother and father as her beneficiaries.   Susan marries a few years later and has a child.   She forgets to update her beneficiary with her Human Resource department.  Susan passed away at a young age and the proceeds are paid to her parents.

Are Reasonable and Customary Charges Really Reasonable?

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“Reasonable and Customary” charges in a benefits plan refer to limits put on a medical or dental treatment, supply or service, by a health insurance provider.  These limits reflect differences in the cost of health and dental treatment, service and supplies in different regions across Canada and are applied according to where the service or supply was received.