The AQuity 360 Series Blog Post – Part 8: The Power of Employee Compensation Statements

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AQ Group Solutions is proud to present The AQuity 360 Blog Series as part of The AQuity 360 Program, helping you to avoid The Reactive Decision Trap. Read this series to see how your organization can build a human capital strategy that proactively aligns with your business strategy and goals.

Part 8:  The Power of Employee Compensation Statements

Why should your organization invest the time and resources to provide your employees with a Total Compensation Statement?  Is there really a return on investment?

Administrative Treasure Hunt – finding hidden savings and reducing your liability through billing audit

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An Administrative Billing Audit consists of comparing your current insurance billing to the current staff covered on your payroll.  Why should you audit your bill?  To ensure the Insurer has completed your requests accurately and on time. These errors can create frustration with claims for your employees, creating more headaches for you.

Completing a comprehensive audit of your group insurance bill can be tedious the first time, but the cost savings to your company can far outweigh this initial time investment. Timely changes and adjustments within your group contract may help avoid extra claims added to your plan’s experience, and reduce the risk of resulting excessive premium increases to other employees.